Residents' 2009 Christmas Party

The following photographs were taken at the Residents’ Christmas party on Friday 18th December 2009.  Over 50 residents, staff and special guests enjoyed fun and laughter in the Rotary Room at our Group Home Support Centre in North Rocks.

Santa arrived to the delight of everyone present and gave each resident gifts donated by the Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills/Cherrybrook, the Inner Wheel Club of Beecroft, the Lions’ Club of North Rocks and Genworth Financial, through United Way Sydney. 

Our sincere thanks go to staff members, donors and volunteers who supported this annual event again this year.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW our Christmas Party photographs for 2009.

Group Home Support#1

In 2008/09 a CQI Strategy has been to train all staff to an agreed level of competence. Staff Evaluations and feedback provided by staff at our Quarterly General Staff meetings, Strategic Planning Questionnaires and Surveys all provide valuable information about the training needs and expectations of our House Managers, Therapists and Direct Care Workers. Read More...

Group Home Support#2

Kirsty Fromholtz

Dance Movement Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to assist in treatment of a range of emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioural problems. Like all creative therapies the emphasis is placed on the creative process, rather than the finished product. Dance-movement therapy works on the principle that mind and body are inextricably linked and that the health of one affects the other. Read More...

Lesson 6

Families, friends and Advocates play an important role in the lives of deafblind residents. Home visits are anticipated eagerly. These highly important links are nurtured by staff. Read More...

Community Services Worker Wanted

SALARY: $45,000 - $50,000

We currently have a small number of vacancies for full-time, part-time and casual positions (maternity leave relief) for daytime and shift workers at North Rocks, Quakers Hill and Baulkham Hills.

Lesson 5

Residents attend regular meetings where they receive assistance to communicate their views about their group home. Read More...

Lesson 4

Living in the community is not enough. Relationships in daily life with non-disabled people need as much as possible to be fostered. Read More...

Children's Book Week Review 2009

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Book Week 2009. Many people asked me how do deafblind read books? I have put together a slide show for those of you interested in this question.
Click on this link to view the slide show.

Lesson 3

Forsight Residents are able to access their local shopping centre with one-to-one support for personal shopping and personal care appointments. Additional one-to-one support is available through the Group Home Support Centre at North Rocks. Read More...

Lesson 2

Assessments at Forsight Foundation take into account the centrality of the sensory and multiple disabilities, and include consideration of the whole person. Assessments require input from the resident with a disability or an advocate, and from family members and carers. Read More...

New Employment Opportunity

SALARY: $62,000

The newly created position of Assistant CEO reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for the operation of the office and the management of a part-time and a casual administration employee. The position is centre-based, hours of work are fixed from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Read More...

Lesson 1

In its 30 years successful experience at developing and managing a reasonably large accommodation and support system for deafblind adults, Forsight Foundation’s management, staff and residents have learned that the following areas are highly important to the success of the agency: Sound principles. Read More...

Forsight Program Outline

12 Lessons from the Development and Operations of an Australian Accommodation Support System for Deafblind Adults. These 12 Lessons were written jointly by Dr Mike Steer, Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children, and The University of Newcastle, NSW and Trish Wetton, CEO of Forsight Foundation. Each Lesson will be submitted for viewing over the comming weeks. Read More...

Welcome from the CEO

Welcome to The Forsight Foundation for the Deaf/Blind website. If this is your first visit to our new website I hope you enjoy browsing the domains and the information you discover. During your visit to this website you will learn that The Forsight Foundation is a unique organisation. You will read about us being the only service in Australia providing personalised accommodation service to adults who are deafblind with additional disabilities in community group home settings. Read More...